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Why:Crumbs is one of those good old fashioned fresh food establishments where men wear aprons, the words "Please", "Thank you" and "Certainly Madam" are not obscene profanities and gargantuan tanker loads of fossil fuel are not consumed in bringing produce into the store.
What's For Sale:Crumbs sells two basic categories of food stuffs: fresh things that grow in or out of the ground; and fresh things that don't.
In the first category, we would list all the usual suspects from the award winning purple sprouting and ever elegant broccoli to the ugliest of the ugliest, the celeriac, together with bundles of beetroot, armfuls of asparagus, lettuces, cucumbers, tomatoes, apples and peppers all grown on farms a mere porcupine's quill from the shop. We also sell a staggering selection of things squeezed, boiled, squashed, simmered, baked, dried or otherwise extracted in a humane fashion from these nice plants, such as jams, breads, chutneys, sauces, biscuits, nuts, seeds, juices, chocolates and breads.
Our second category, on the other hand, includes quite an eye bulging array of cheeses sourced from within 40 miles (and beyond), smoked salmon from Springs of Fulking, milk, cream and other dairy products gently extruded from Jersey cows resident in Bury and pies from the prince and princess of pie makers, Higgidy Pies.
We stock cheese from Sussex, Surrey, Hampshire, Berkshire and from all over the UK and Europe and you can now buy from us online. We also deliver vegetable boxes if you live close by.
So if you are far away do have a browse at the cheese counter - and if you are close by do also browse and buy, but pop in to see us too - the local farmers and producers we represent will be delighted to get a greater share of your shopping budget - and you will be pleased to know that a large number of our products are below or in line with Sainsbury's.
Where:Shoots Garden Centre, London Road, Washington, West Sussex
When:Monday-Saturday 9am-5.30pm